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Your passions become opportunities.

Yes, it is possible to combine your passion with economics. In the Young Schools, we explore this perspective by involving leading figures in the field of innovation. The dialogue is open, and your participation is essential to shaping ideas and projects. Through the Schools, we have established a constructive discussion, exploring ideas and projects to discover together the ways to materialize opportunities and bring to light projects that have remained in the drawer. Thanks to this format, we looked together for methodologies, experiences and contacts useful for concretely supporting young people in their projects. Collaboration with industry experts enriched the discussion, offering new perspectives and opening doors to unexpected opportunities. In this context, we have consolidated valuable connections and provided aspiring innovators with the tools necessary to transform their passions into successful projects.

Young School Archive

Find out about past events through the eyes of the participants, the discussions held and the exceptional speakers we had as guests.

Discover past events
Beatrice Fenu Beatrice Fenu
Vittorio Foschi Vittorio Foschi
CEO at Technacy Ltd.
Roberto Pasi Roberto Pasi
CesenaLab - Beeing
Elena Chiara Maria Rossetti Elena Chiara Maria Rossetti
Undergraduate Physical Science and Technology
Stanislav Russo Stanislav Russo
Lab lecturer
Guido Stratta Guido Stratta
Director People & Organization Enel Group

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The Young Schools are thematic meetings led by a speaker of great reference for the sector, dedicated to deepening with the young people all the questions and aspects of interest related.