Forum Young Opportunità Giovani

2024, the operational program

The goals of the three-year program must rightly be realized through annual planning. For this reason, the operational guidelines for the following year are presented in October of each year.
Here are the guidelines for 2024: 3 event/meeting formats - described below - through which to create opportunities for approximately 50 new professional opportunities for YoungG.
Discover the details of the 2024 events.

Discover the 2024 events.

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The stages of the next three years (2024 > 2027)

  • collect ideas, projects, expressions, and initiatives from the young population aged 19 to 29.
  • create opportunities for reverse mentoring and real networking among YoungG, outstanding entrepreneurs, trend-setters, and valuable managers
  • providing excellent start-ups with the opportunity to meet achievers and investors.
  • innovate ways to meet and compare through new tools and events