The Future of Work

Forum Young System organizes events and meetings to create concrete opportunities for the future of work.

Our editorial team manages a constantly updated database of over 4,000 contacts, including young people (aged 19 to 29), entrepreneurs, influencers, mentors, universities, etc. 
We analyze with them the most relevant topics, labor market dynamics, opportunities, and new ideas.

What emerges becomes the focus of the events that Forum Young System organizes every year.

What opportunities arise from the spread of artificial intelligence (AI)?
Do the new trends in the global economy allow space for the new generations?
Does human resources management, both in companies and employment agencies, know the new needs?

Forum Young System is the philanthropist project that organizes days to provide answers to these questions.
Innovative and unique events that create job opportunities.

Initiatives to allow the constant search for talent and new collaborators by companies and entrepreneurs to meet the offer (young people), and the territory to grow.