Forum Young


Forum Young System was born in 2019 in a Talk involving more than 350 young people gathered around 4 tables to compare and dialogue with 35 entrepreneurs and national figures of excellence.

In 2020 and 2021 the project continues "winning" the pandemic with online and hybrid meetings throughout the country: Young Tables (8 events) and Young School (5 events), Forum Young Talk (2 events).

In 2022, partnerships with Young Talk and Mindchangers (Turin), SMAU (Milan), Forum HR (Rome) are affirmed, while the declination of the project on Young Padlet makes it open 24 hours a day.

So we arrive at 2023: in November Young Campus brings together over 200 attendees around 5 Think Tables - Arts, Energy & Finance, Cibus, Gamers and Polis - in an innovative day that summarizes the year's journey and creates an extraordinary energy to continue the project.

I risultati raggiunti


subscribers since 2019, of which 1500 are active panel young.


speakers involved in the initiatives; of these, over 200 are active entrepreneurs in the projects.


entrepreneurial projects / professional opportunities born thanks to networking.
Active and available Young Observatory for dedicated surveys.
Collaborations and patronage with the Emilia Romagna Region, University Institutions, Public Administrations, Research Centers throughout the Romagna territory (FC, RA, RN).
Constant visibility thanks to press office, website, and active social media channels, Meta and Google ADS campaigns running 12 months per year.