Forum Young

Forum Young System organizes events to facilitate dialogue between young individuals and entrepreneurial entities.

Designed for and with young people, Forum Young System was born as a facilitator of dialogue and networking between the young population (aged 19 to 25) and senior figures in the context of the future of work. Today, it is the generational sharing movement that creates opportunities, connections, and work.

Forum Young System aims to make our territory 'the point' of reference for the new generations through meetings for discussion, dialogue and professional opportunities.

Serving as a tool for dialogue and attraction for all young minds, Forum Young System works to foster the growth of projects and the economy of tomorrow.

the events 2024

The challenges and questions of the new generation

One against all: a meeting/clash with companies

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The aim is to create a meeting context in which everyone

Meetings in Partner Companies to create networks between YounG and the company

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The format that integrates dialogue with real job opportunities

The formats of Forum Young System are continuously evolving, both online and offline, to inspire and create real connections.

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