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We have always had the honor of welcoming visionaries and brilliant minds from all over Italy. Our speakers are not just sources of inspiration, but catalysts for change, sharing their unique experiences, insights and perspectives.

Davide Agresti Davide Agresti
Municipality of Faenza Find out more
Gaia Alaimo Gaia Alaimo
Your Millennial Mentor Find out more
Filippo Angeloni Filippo Angeloni Find out more
Marco Baccini Marco Baccini
Municipality of Bagnno di Romagna Find out more
Eugenia Barbieri Eugenia Barbieri
co-presenter of the Young School Sport 2021 event. Find out more
Mario Beltrambini Mario Beltrambini
SIFEST Vice President Find out more
Francesco Bernardi Francesco Bernardi
Founder & Owner ILLUMIA Find out more
Stefano Bonaccini Stefano Bonaccini
President of Emilia-Romagna Region Find out more
Chiara Brancato Chiara Brancato
Graduated from the University of Trieste with a degree in neuroscience. Find out more
Pietro Buccarelli Pietro Buccarelli
Lawyer at Gianni-Origoni-Grippo-Cappelli Partners Find out more
Andrea Cantoni Andrea Cantoni
Cyclist #inEmiliaRomagna Cycling Team Find out more
Margherita Colantuono Margherita Colantuono
Coach e marketing specialist Find out more
Diara Diallo Diara Diallo
Queens of Denarii Find out more
Massimo Di Menna Massimo Di Menna
Management Engineering Group Find out more
Massimiliano Dona Massimiliano Dona
President of Find out more
Stefano Feltri Stefano Feltri
Editor of the newspaper Domani Find out more
Licia Fertz Licia Fertz
Influencer, model and author Find out more
Deda Fiorini Deda Fiorini
Copywriter, storyteller and Smau Oscar winner Find out more
Vittorio Foschi Vittorio Foschi
CEO at Technacy Ltd. Find out more
Simona Galassi Simona Galassi
World boxing champion Find out more
Francesco Gualdi Francesco Gualdi
London School of Economics Find out more
Fulvia Guazzone Fulvia Guazzone
Founder & CEO Noisiamofuturo®, Youth Festival® Find out more
Cosimo Guccione Cosimo Guccione
Assessor in the council of the City of Florence Find out more
Enzo Lattuca Enzo Lattuca
Mayor of the City of Cesena (FC) Find out more
Cosmano Lombardo Cosmano Lombardo
Creator of the WMF - Web Marketing Festival Find out more
Silvia Maffoni Silvia Maffoni
Physician Specialist in Food Science Find out more
Margherita Magnani Margherita Magnani
CISM and FIDAL national advisor Find out more
Silvia Marchesan Silvia Marchesan
Lecturer in organic chemistry at the University of Trieste Find out more
Vittorio Martinelli Vittorio Martinelli
Managing Director Olympus Italy Find out more
Roberto Mercadini Roberto Mercadini
Author and theatrical actor Find out more
Serena Mizzan Serena Mizzan
Scientific Imagery Find out more
Cristiana Monina Cristiana Monina
Sailor and entrepreneur Find out more
Carlotta Monzani Carlotta Monzani
Associate Director di Strategy e Insight Find out more
Vittoria Mornacchi Vittoria Mornacchi
Balich Wonder Studio Find out more
Federica Mosconi Federica Mosconi
TV journalist and host, co-presenter of FY Tables Florence Find out more
Isacco Neri Isacco Neri
CEO and Board Member of NERI S.P.A. Find out more
Yasmine Ouirhrane Yasmine Ouirhrane
Founder of We Belong Find out more
Alice Parma Alice Parma
Municipality of Santarcangelo Find out more
Roberto Pasi Roberto Pasi
CesenaLab - Beeing Find out more
Stefano Piraccini Stefano Piraccini
Piraccini + Potente Architettura Find out more
Emanuele Pollini Emanuele Pollini
The Stolen Artichoke Find out more
Elena Porro Elena Porro
Region Piemonte Find out more
Ilaria Ricatti Ilaria Ricatti
CEO and co-founder dof Linknetic Inc Find out more
Diana Rodriguez Diana Rodriguez
Co-presenter for the FY School Future People Find out more
Nicoletta Romeo Nicoletta Romeo
House of Cinema in Trieste Find out more
Daniel Rossato Daniel Rossato
Graduated in Organic-Biomolecular Chemistry from the University of Trieste. Find out more
Elena Chiara Maria Rossetti Elena Chiara Maria Rossetti
Undergraduate Physical Science and Technology Find out more
Simona Sangiorgi Simona Sangiorgi
Municipality of Faenza Find out more
Luca Solesin Luca Solesin
Senior Change Manager at Ashoka Find out more
Adriano Solidoro Adriano Solidoro
Your Vision 2021 Bicocca Milan Project Contact Person Find out more
Guido Stratta Guido Stratta
Director People & Organization Enel Group Find out more
Marco Tamberi Marco Tamberi
Coach and publisher Find out more
Simone Tani Simone Tani
Teacher and advisor Find out more
Lapo Tanzj Lapo Tanzj
China E-commerce and digital consultant Find out more
Nicoletta Tozzi Nicoletta Tozzi
Trainer and coach, co-speaker of the Young School Sport event Find out more
Claudio Vicini Claudio Vicini
ASL-AZ. Local Healthcare Find out more
Eva Vocci Eva Vocci
Head of financial analysis at Modefinance Find out more