THE EVENT | November 9, 2023 2.30 pm - Centro Polifunzionale, Cesena Fiera

Forum Young System brings together young innovators, experts and committed professionals, all united by a passion for the future and the new generation. In view of an increasingly uncertain future, these enterprising young people have shown surprising audacity in facing the challenges of the modern world.

An episode that particularly affects our community was the time of the flood in Romagna. During that tragic situation, many young people rolled up their sleeves and came together to help the affected communities, shoveling mud and providing help without hesitation. This extraordinary solidarity has inspired an even stronger push to change the future, focusing attention on the environment and technological innovations.

This spirit of initiative and resilience is what fuels the Young Campus 2023 event.

The format

An event of meeting and comparison of Forum Young System.
Integrate the dialogue with real job and development opportunities.
It combines the strength of presence - from location to participation - with the network of technology.
Let's talk about Campus because this year's format, mixed in presence and with live connections, will be particularly operational.
The ever-evolving event goes beyond traditional presentations: its essence lies in mutual listening, sharing of ideas and open dialogue between young people and seniors.

How does it work

A unique environment, which breaks down hierarchical schemes and generational barriers, allowing each participant to express themselves freely and to make their own contribution, within thematic THINK TABLES.
In each Think Tables there will be: mentors, prominent figures, entrepreneurs, HR experts, business management consultants, trend setters and with them, always on an equal footing, obviously YoungGen.
Our Think Tables are the beating heart of the event, spaces where young people and experienced leaders gather to discuss, create connections and generate unique synergies.
Each participant is a protagonist.

The two drivers: environment and innovation, the two halves of the apple

The themes of the Think Tables are linked to the world of work and everyday life.
The discussion on the topics will be guided by the 2 main drivers from which the ZedGen and AlphaGen will start: AI contributions and respect for the environment in the development of their projects.
The merging of these two halves is the focus of the event where talented young people, experts and industry leaders come together to build meaningful connections and shape a brighter future.
We care about change and strongly believe in the power of young people to lead the way to a better world.