Web Marketing Festival

A partnership that makes us very proud and happy!
We are interested in all events involving the Young Generation. For this reason Cosmano Lombardo, founder of WMF, participated in the Young Tables Bologna and thanks to the synergy created by FYS we will be present at the event (15 - 17 July 2021) with training speeches dedicated to Esports and Gaming, Communication, Event Management, within WMF Youth.
Built by and for young people, with a focus on training, innovative ideas, music and digital creativity, the WMF Youth is a new container of events that, during the three days of WMF2021, will allow young people and students under 25 to meet, share ideas, skills and passions to turn them into reality and work.

We are offering free tickets to participate to the WMF! For this reason, we select Forum Young Brand Ambassadors.

Do you want to become a FYS brand ambassador and win a ticket to the WMF?

Justify your application in 10 lines, confirm your willingness to participate in a monthly meeting with the team, be a young presenter at one of the upcoming events and actively promote the events.
The FYS committee will carefully evaluate your application and select the winners among those who show the most initiative, motivation and availability.

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